Detailed information about the characteristics of the packages

Detailed information about the characteristics of the OMEGA packages

  • 1 public static IP address is provided free of charge for OMEGA BUSINESS packages - Possibility of 2nd IP address at 10€
    or 4 IP addresses at 28€ correspondingly.
  • Only 1 public static IP address for OMEGA-IP packages.
  • Only 1 private IP address for OMEGA packages.
  • Possibility of upgrade or downgrade to any package of same service free of charge. For transition to another service
    package, disconnection and new activation is required with cost 30€.
  • Unlimited night usage free of charge (01:00 – 06:00)
  • In all of our packages, after the consumption of the data priority / month, the speeds are best effort without any extra
    charge. Minimum guaranteed speed at 256kbps is provided only at OMEGA BUSINESS packages.
  • Equipment warranty is provided for 1 year if the installation is completed by our network technician as well as by any
    other certified Tooway technician (demonstrating certification).
  • Possibility of equipment relocation with cost 25€.

  • Spare parts cost
    Antenna = 120€
    Modem = 165€
    TRIA (transmit-receiver) = 140€


    All the above prices do not include VAT 24%.